Engineering Chemistry BTech Syllabus Complete Notes


Molecular Orbital Theory
Applications of MOT in Diatomic Molecules
Band Theory of Solids
Liquid Crystals
Application of Liquid Crystals
Types of Unit Cell
Space Lattice (Only Cubes)
Bragg’s Equation
Calculation of Density of Unit Cell
One and Two Dimensional Imperfections in Solids
Structure and Applications of Graphite
Structure and Applications of Fullerenes


Polymers & its classification
Applications of Polymers
Chain and Step growth polymerization
Thermoplastic resins.
Thermosetting resins.
Synthetic Fibers
Conducting Polymers
Biodegradable Polymers
General methods of synthesis of organometallic compound
Grignard Reagent & their applications in polymerization catalysis


Optical Isomerism
Stereo-chemistry with special reference to optical isomerism
Types of organic reactions with special reference to elimination and substitution reaction
Elementary ideas and simple applications of UV
Elementary ideas and simple applications of Visible Light
Elementary ideas and simple applications of IR
Elementary ideas and simple applications of 1HNMR spectral techniques


Hardness of water
Disadvantage of hard water
Techniques for water softening
Ion exchange resin
Reverse osmosis
Water treatment method for boiler feed by internal process
Phase Rule and its application to one component system (water and sulphur)

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