Classification of Computers

Classification of Computer:

Computer can be classified in to several categories depending on their computing ability and processing speed these are:


A microcomputer is defined as a computer that has a microcomputer as its CPU. The microcomputer system can perform the following basic operations: Inputting, storage, Processing, Outputting & Controlling.

2. Mini-computer:

A minicomputer is a medium sized computer that is more powerful than a microcomputer. A important distinction between microcomputer and minicomputer is that unlike microcomputer minicomputer is designed to serve multiple users simultaneously.

3. Mainframe-Computer:

This computer helps in handling the information like banks, insurance companies, & railways. Mainframe computer are placed on a central location and are connected to several user terminals, which can act as access station & may be located in the same building.

4. Super- Computer:

Super computer are the most powerful and expensive computer available at present they are also the fastest computer available. It is mainly used for complex scientific application.

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