LINUX Operating System

LINUX Operating System

Linux is basically multi user, multitasking operating system. It provides character interface & graphical user interface. Both for interacting with computer.It was originally designed and developed by ‘Linux Bendict Torvalds in the year 1991.

  • The objective behind developing Linux was to bring out an operating system, which was low in cost and had the power of UNIX operating system.
  • Its Version is available free of cost to everyone.
  • Many software developing companies have incorporated many functionalities into it and are marketing it .Red Hats Linux is one such operating system and many more also exist.
  • Linux also has powerful networking features incorporated in to it and has built in internet facilities.
  • Linux has gained popularity these days and is emerging as parallel competitor, window and UNIX operating system.
  • Linux operating system provides both type of user interface. It supports CUI & GUI both. graphical interface provides windows look alike working environment, features like drag and drop, cut and paste, file sharing , multitasking etc. are also available in Linux. Character user interface of Linux is really powerful and provides thousands of commands for doing wide variety of tasks.

Some Linux Commands which are used in day to day function:

ls          display the name of all files present in current directory

cat       display the content of file

cp        copy the content of a file to another file.

mv       move a file from one directory to another

mkdir  makes a new directory

rmdir   removes a blank directory

cd        user can move from one directory to another

pwd     display the name of current directory(current working directory)

               Syntax: $pwd

vi           edit a file

passwd   change the password

chmod                change file permissions

who        display the names of all current users

grep       searching the occurrence of a given string in a file

   Syntax: $grep filename(s)

sort        sort the given content either in ascending order or descending order

find         finds file, if the file of given name is present.

 Linux is powerful operating system, which is getting more popular everyday. Large population of personal computer (PC) and laptops comes with preloaded Linux, These days it is likely to gain, more popularity in coming future.

Advantages of Linux:

  • Low cost
  • Stability – it has high stability with other OS .there is no need to reboot the Linux system to maintain performance level.
  • Performance – provides high performance on various networks
  • Networking-Linux provides a strong support for network functioning.
  • Flexibility- it can be used for high performance server applications, desktop applications.
  • Compatibility-it can process all common file formats.
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Better use of hard disk
  • Multitasking
  • Security
  • Open source

Uses of Linux:

  • Desktop
  • Server and supercomputer
  • Embedded devices
  • Market share
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