MBA eNotes for all 4 Semesters

Year 1 Semester 1

Managing Organization
Managerial Economics
Business Accounting
Business Environment
Business Statistics
Marketing Management
Communication for Management
Fundamentals of Computer & Information System

Year 1 Semester II

Managing Human Resources
Business Laws
Customer Relationship Management
Financial Management
Operation Research
Cost & Management Accounting
Operations Management
Research Methodology

Year 2 Semester III

Entrepreneurship Development
International Business Management
Rural Development
Project Management
Specialization Group – 1

  • Elective 1*
  • Elective 2*

Specialization Group -2

  • Elective 1*
  • Elective 2*
Year 2 Semester IV

Strategic Management
Insurance, Risk Management
Hospitality & Tourism Management
Behavioral Finance
Specialization Group -1 Elective 3*
Specialization Group -2 Elective 3*


Human Resource

  • Leadership & Personality Development (III Semester)
  • Industrial Relations & Labor Enactments  (III Semester)
  • Negotiation & Counseling (IV Semester)


  • Consumer Behavior & Customer Loyalty (III Semester)
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (III Semester)
  • Retailing & Distribution Management  (IV Semester)

Financial Management

  • Security Analysis & Investment Management (III Semester)
  • Management of Financial Institutions & Services (III Semester)
  • Tax Planning and Management  (IV Semester)

Information Technology

  • Database Management System (III Semester)
  • System Analysis & Design (III Semester)
  • Data Communication & Network (IV Semester)

International Business

  • International Marketing Management (III Semester)
  • International Logistics & Documentation (III Semester)
  • International Financial Management (IV Semester)

Rural Development

  • Rural Marketing (III Semester)
  • Micro Finance, Small Group Management, and Cooperatives (III Semester)
  • Food Technology & Processing Management (IV Semester)


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