MS-DOS (Purpose, Function, Services and Types)


Tim Patterson originally developed MS-DOS in 1980. DOS is still 16 bit OS and does not support multiple users or multitasking. MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk operating System. This OS was originally written for the IBM pc by the Microsoft Corporation. The first release of the DOS came in 1981 which is a single user operating system, which allows the user to enter command using textual interface.

How to start dos in windows:

  • Go to start
  • Click program
  • Then click Accessories
  • & then MS-DOS Command prompt
  1. In MS-DOS there are internal commands & external commands. Internal commands are contained in the file, which is loaded in to memory at the booting of the computer system. Copies, delete, Direct are internal command.
  1. External commands are contained in separate files, which usually have extension .com or .exe or .bat. Sys, tree, xcopy, FORMAT etc are external commands.

Some commands which are used in MS DOS are:

  • CD   change the current directory

Syntax: c:\> cd xyz

  • MKDIR create new subdirectory

       Syntax: c:\> mkdir xyz

  • RMDIR deletes any directory by specifying its path.

       Syntax: c:\>Rmdir \xyz\yz

  • Del to deletes the file in the directory

       Syntax: c:\> Del file name

  • Edit to write content on file

             Syntax: c:\> Edit filename

  • Type to show content of file

        Syntax: c:\> Type filename

  • Copy   copy one or more file from source to destination

        Syntax: c:\>Copy  filename1  filename2

  • Cls clear the screen

       Syntax: c:\> Cls

  • Date show the system date

       Syntax: c:\> Date

  • Time show the time

       Syntax: c:\> Time

  • Ver  show the system OS version.
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