Professional Communication


Fundamentals of Communication
Technical Communication: Features
Distinction between General and Technical communication
Language as a tool of communication

Levels of communication:

The flow of Communication:

Importance of technical communication
Barriers to Communication

Constituents of Technical Written Communication Words and Phrases:

Correct Usage:

  • All Parts of Speech
  • Modals
  • Concord
  • Articles
  • Infinitives

Requisites of Sentence Construction: Paragraph Development:

Techniques and Methods-

  • Inductive,
  • Deductive,
  • Spatial,
  • Linear,
  • Chronological etc;

The Art of Condensation-various steps.

Business Communication


  • Principles letters;
  • Sales letters;
  • Credit letters;
  • Claim letters;
  • Adjustment Letters;

Job application

Reports: Types; Significance; Structure, Style & Writing of Reports.
Technical Proposal: Parts; Types; Writing of Proposal; Significance
Business Presentation skills

Presentation Strategies and Listening Skills
  • Defining Purpose
  • Audience & Local;
  • Organizing Contents;
  • Preparing Outline;
  • Audio-visual Aids;
  • Nuances of Delivery;
  • Body Language;

Dimensions of Speech: Syllable; Accent; Pitch; Rhythm; Intonation; Para-linguistic features of voice; Listening Skills: Active Listening, Passive Listening. methods for improving Listening Skills.

Unit-V Value-Based Text Readings

Following essays form the suggested text book with emphasis on Mechanics of writing.

(i)            Humanistic and Scientific Approaches to Human Activity by Moody E. Prior
(ii)           The Language of Literature and Science by A. Huxley
(iii)          Man and Nature by J.Bronowski
(iv)         The Social Function of Literature by Ian Watt
(v)          Science and Survival by Barry Commoner
(vi)         The Mother of the Sciences by A.J.Bahm
(vii)        The Effect of Scientific Temper on Man by Bertrand Russell.

Professional Communication For BTech

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