Scalar Quantities

Scalar quantities, as stated above, are the measurements that strictly refer to the magnitude of the medium. There are absolutely no directional components in a scalar quantity – only the magnitude of the medium.

  • Time – Scalar quantities often refer to time; the measurement of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even milliseconds.
  • Volume – Scalar quantity can refer to the volume of the medium, as in how much of the medium is present. Everything from tons to ounces to grams, milliliters and micro grams are all scalar quantities, as long as they are applied to the medium being measured and not the movement of the medium.
  • Speed and temperature – Two more commonly used scalar quantities in physical calculations are speed and temperature. As long as they are not associated with a directional movement, they remain scalar quantities. For instance, the measurement of speed in miles or kilometers-per-hour or the measurement of the temperature of the medium both remain scalar quantities as long as they aren’t associated with the direction of the medium’s travel.
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