Computer System and Programming in C for BTech First Year

This is an online topic wise solutions & notes on Computer System and Programming in C for BTech First Year Students.

Unit 1 
Basics of Computer:

Introduction to analog & digital computer
Basic function & application of computer
Components of computer
Generation of Computers
Classification of computers

Introduction to operating system:
Number system :

Binary Number Systems
Octal Number Systems
Hexadecimal Number Systems
Mutual Conversions
Binary Arithmetic

Basics of Programming:

Approaches to Problem Solving
Concept of algorithm and flow charts

Types of computer languages:

  1. Machine Language
  2. Assembly Language
  3. High Level Language
  4. Comparison of Machine, Assembly & High Level Languages.
  5. Concept of Assembler, Compiler, Loader and Linker

Fundamental data types- Character type, integer, short, long, unsigned, single and double floating point

Storage classes-

  • Automatic
  • Register
  • Static
  • External

Operators and expression using numeric and relational operators
Mixed operands
Type conversion
Logical operators
Bit Operations
Assignment operator
Operator Precedence

Fundamentals of C programming:

Structure of C program
Writing and Executing the first C program
Components of C language
Standard I/O in C

Conditional program execution:

Applying if and switch statements
Nesting if and else
Use of break and default with switch
Program loops and iterations:
use of while
do while and for loops
multiple loop variables
use of break and continue statements

  • Introduction
  • Types of functions
  • Functions with array
  • Passing values to functions
  • Recursive functions
Unit 4
  • Array notation and representation
  • Manipulating array elements
  • Using multi-dimensional arrays

Enumerated data types

Unit 5
  • Introduction
  • Declaration
  • Applications

File handling
Standard C pre-processors
Defining and calling macros
Conditional compilation
Passing values to the compiler

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