Electronics Engineering for BTech First Year

This is an online topic wise solutions & notes on Electronics Engineering for BTech First Year students.

Unit -1
Semiconductor Diode:

Diode Application:


Unit II
Bipolar Junction Transistor:

DC Biasing BJTs:

Field Effect Transistor:

  • Construction and Characteristic of JFETs
  • Transfer Characteristic
  • CS,CD,CG amplifier
  • Analysis of CS amplifier
  • MOSFET (Depletion and Enhancement)Type
  • Transfer Characteristic

Unit III
Operational Amplifiers:

  • Introduction
  • Differential Amplifier Circuits
  • Op-Amp Basic
  • Practical Op-Amp Circuits
  • Inverting Amplifier
  • Noninverting Amplifier
  • Unit Follower
  • Summing Amplifier
  • Integrator
  • Differentiator
  • Differential and Common-Mode Operation

Unit IV
Digital Voltmeter 

RAMP Techniques
Digital Multimeters

  • Introduction
  • Basic Principle
  • CRT
  • Block Diagram of Oscilloscope
  • Simple CRO
  • Measurement of voltage
  • Current phase and frequency using CRO

Unit V
Fundamentals of Communication Engineering

Elements of a Communication System
Need of modulation
Electromagnetic spectrum and typical applications
Terminologies in communication systems
Basics of signal representation and analysis
Fundamentals of amplitude and angle modulation
Modulation and Demodulation Techniques


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